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Land your next startup role, supported by your peers.

Join a community of mid-career and exec-level job-seekers who help each other get their next roles.

Cohort 3 Kickoff: February 2024

Cohort 2 is full, but we welcome you to early-apply for our next cohort in February.

Decide your next career move.
Learn from your peers and industry leaders.

Some recent and upcoming speakers...

Off the record sessions

Join deep dives on every aspect of the startup job search, from storytelling to negotiation.

Curated peer masterminds

Engage in weekly small groups with others who are at similar career stages.

Pitches from founders and VCs

Hear directly from the leaders and investors of vetted startups actually hiring.

  • Greycroft
  • LinkedIn

Dana Settle

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, Greycroft

  • Cherryrock
  • LinkedIn

Saydeah Howard

Co-Founder, Cherryrock Capital

Former Chief Talent Officer, IVP

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Steve Schlafman

Career Transitions Coach
Former Partner, Primary Ventures

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
Torenberg 2_edited.png

Erik Torenberg

Co-Founder, Village Global

Co-Founder, On Deck

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Heather Hartnett

CEO & General Partner,
Human Ventures

  • Safire
  • LinkedIn

Todd Gitlin

Founder & Managing Partner,
Safire Partners exec search

Find your people.
Navigate the job search together.

Some of our NEXT alumni:

Head of Eng at Series A fintech backed by Craft Ventures
Silhouette 4.jpg
Edtech founder exiting her startup and returning to a Product exec role
Silhouette 3.jpg
Serial VP of Growth at late-stage, pre-IPO SaaS and logistics startups
COO / CRO of B2B2C and B2C marketplace startups
Silhouette 2.jpg
Full-stack SWE at a16z-backed startup seeking companies in the creator economy space

A commitment to privacy

Everything is off the record.

Many NEXT Fellows have not yet publicly shared that they’re searching with friends, family, or current employers. We’ll honor that.

Apply to join the NEXT community

8-week core program plus ongoing access to the community and programming costs $1,500.

Cohort 3 Kickoff: February 2024

Cohort 2 is full, but we welcome you to early-apply for our next cohort kicking off in February.

Hear from NEXT Alumni

"Incredibly high caliber of people who all came to the NEXT community eager to pay it forward."

ex-Google Partnerships exec

"My NEXT executive mastermind was the perfect safe space to explore if I want to leave my current role."

Chief Marketing Officer at D2C brand

“I landed my new dream role through an introduction from NEXT!"

Bizops at Sequoia-backed healthtech startup

“Negotiation coaching through NEXT was critical in helping me maximize my offer."

Healthtech founder pivoting to operating

What to expect

You’ll have access to ~5 live events per week during the 8 week program.

Join the ones most relevant to your goals.

Figure out what you actually want

Make an active decision about what you want next instead of accepting a random job because a recruiter reaches out.

Target the right startups

Hear from top VCs sharing the stand-out companies in their portfolios that are actually hiring.

Practice job search skills

Being great at your job and being great at searching for your next job are different. Join practical workshops on every aspect of the search.

Get a peer support network

The job search sucks, even for super talented people.
Do it alongside a group of ambitious peers who help each other.

Maximize your offer

We sit on your side of the table, supplying compensation data to anchor your ask and crafting a custom negotiation strategy.

Guiding your NEXT journey...

What people are saying about NEXT!

Apply to join the NEXT community

8-week core program plus ongoing access to the community and programming costs $1,500.

Payment plans and scholarships available after acceptance.

Cohort 3 Kickoff: February 2024

Cohort 2 is full, but we welcome you to early-apply for our next cohort kicking off in February.

  • Who should apply?
    To be a good fit for the NEXT community, you are: An outstanding performer in your respective industry / job function Mentally ready for your next role, whether or not you currently have a job Entrepreneurial, with a desire to join a startup or VC firm Eager to be an active participant in the community, as much of the value of the experience comes from the network and peer-to-peer connections.
  • What is the fellowship selection process?
    NEXT is a highly selective membership community designed to help a specific group of people accelerate their careers: entrepreneurial, mid-career and exec-level job-seekers who have a demonstrated track record of success, are being intentional about deciding the next chapter of their journeys, and believe in the power of a peer community to accelerate their search. Every application will be individually reviewed and some of those who apply will move forward to the live interview process, where they'll share more about their backgrounds and ways they anticipate giving back to the community as well as ask any questions they have. Each cohort brings together ~100 people: large enough to ensure that everyone finds at least a few others who they deeply connect with but small enough that it still feels intimate. 850 people applied for those 100 slots during our recruitment cycle for the second cohort that runs Oct to Dec 2023.
  • Can I apply if I'm non-technical?
    Yes! The NEXT community brings together entrepreneurial people who are deciding what they want for their next career chapter, regardless of role. ‍ Fellows targeting similar roles will be paired so that they can share insights, suggestions, and potential connections to help each other through their respective journeys.
  • I'm early in my career. Can I still apply?
    The NEXT community is primarily designed for mid-career and exec-level individuals, but we also welcome a handful of exceptional early-career job-seekers to each cohort, as well. The decision generally comes down to if both the team and applicant think that the individual will be able to add value to the broader community. We encourage you to apply and be particularly thoughtful about your responses to the questions about your mindset of giving back to others.
  • What if I work full-time? Will my manager find out?
    All sessions, content, and interactions are completely off the record, including any acknowledgement of a Fellow’s participation. Some NEXT Fellows choose to be public about their involvement, while many more do not, especially those who are currently employed full time. Everyone in the program is searching for something deeper in their next career chapter and making a big transition. Many have not publicly shared this journey with friends, family, or employers. We and all Fellows will honor that. ‍ Also note that speaker sessions are recorded, which is beneficial from a scheduling perspective, but also important for a Fellow who happens to know a presenter.
  • Are scholarships available?
    Yes, we do have a limited scholarship available, much of which has been provided by program alumni who have generously paid it forward to support others after landing their new roles 🤩 Our goal is to make the NEXT community accessible to the absolute best talent, no matter their financial situation. Our admissions process is need-blind: accepted participants can then request financial assistance of an extended payment plan and/or reduction in program fees after receiving an invitation to join. So we encourage you to apply, regardless of financial need. We ask that scholarship recipients pay it forward to others in the community when they're able to do so.
  • Is this a fully remote program?
    Yes, core community programming and workshops are run entirely remotely. In addition, we host regular in-person community events in NYC, SF, Seattle and LA since ~70% of our community members are based in these cities.
  • What's the time commitment?
    The power of this program is in the community, and like any community you get back what you put in. NEXT is designed for people spending at least several hours per week on their job search, some of which will be engagement with the NEXT community. With that time, you'll choose how you want to engage. Some community members will lean into structured programming, speakers and workshops, while others will focus primarily on meeting others who are exploring similar sectors or roles. There's no "right" version - just the one that helps you achieve your goals most effectively. Our team will help you navigate all of the resources available to you as part of the onboarding process.
  • Why do job-seekers pay to access this program?
    We are not recruiters who take a commission from companies to place candidates in roles. High-quality recruiters can be extremely valuable advocates in your job search, but they don't work for you -- they work for companies and represent companies' best interests. We sit on your side of the table throughout the entire process from figuring out what you want, sourcing opportunities, storytelling and interviewing, and finally supporting your negotiation to maximize your offer. We'll also encourage you to decline an offer if you're being under-valued since you're the client and we focus on what's in your best interest. Our community members see NEXT as an investment in themselves, and one that pays off in multiples (especially given the negotiation coaching!). Also note that NEXT strives to be as need blind as possible to ensure that finances aren’t a barrier to entry; therefore we offer scholarships and payment plans to ensure that the community is accessible to those who are a fit with our mission.
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